On April 26, 2022, at the head office of Co-operative Bank of Viet Nam (Co-opBank) took place the Kick-off Ceremony of the Investment and Construction Project of the Capital Management System with the participation of the Investor is the Co-operative Bank of Viet Nam and the contractor TechPlus Solution Company Limited (TechPlus Solution).

The goal of TechPlus Solution Co., Ltd. when participating in the project of building a capital management software system for Co-opBank of Vietnam with the motto of modernizing the public system information technology for Capital Management and Capital Business at Cooperative Bank; Approach and manage the capital transfer process in a systematic and effective manner through improving operational processes; Improve service quality, promptly meet the business growth needs of the supporting bank.

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Besides, TechPlus’s Capital Management software system will solve the main problems and limitations of the current processing process, including:

  • Automate manual tasks such as interest calculation, fee calculation, bookkeeping
  • 50% reduction in processing time for internal fund transfer control process
  • 50% reduction in processing time for initialization and approval of capital business operations
  • Reduce the volume of manual paper documents by 40%-50% during the initialization and approval of capital business operations by digitizing these documents for review and approval.
  • Increase from 20% – 50% of the amount of capital trading space

Solution benefits:

  • Covering most of the important products related to investment and capital trading of the Bank
  • Ease and speed in setting up new products and services to respond to market changes and the Bank’s needs.
  • Monitor transaction status in real time, visible to all users of the system
  • Integrate Front-office/ Middle-office/ Back-office components into one unified cycle
  • Transaction flow from Front-office to Middle-office and Back-office saves users from having to manually enter data in many places.
  • Set up and preconfigured processes and products according to good market practices
  • Centralized transaction repository to facilitate information retrieval for different purposes
  • Processes are set up automatically, configurable at levels such as: Product, Organization or User
  • User classification, transaction creation and approval
  • Flexible tools allow you to set up client reports for a wide range of assets
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface

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