On the morning of April 13th, at the Army Theater of Music and Dance in Hanoi, TechPlus Solution was once again honored and announced as an outstanding enterprise in the ‘Digital Banking’ category at the Sao Khue Awards 2024 ceremony held in Hanoi. This marks the third consecutive time that TechPlus Solution has been honored at Sao Khue (in 2022, the company’s core banking digital transformation solution for banks and financial institutions was recognized, and in 2023, VIAMO – a digital payment and flexible account identification solution – was honored in the digital transformation platform category). This continued recognition underscores the relentless efforts of the company’s employees in delivering valuable solutions to the community and making positive contributions to the development of Vietnam’s information technology sector.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hieu, the Chief Technology Officer representing TechPlus Solution, stepped up to receive the award

The Digital Core Banking FINC (DCB FINC) software is a modern digital core banking solution that can be deployed on-premises or on a cloud computing platform, enabling banks and financial institutions to build and deliver specialized financial services on a large scale. This solution is a testament to TechPlus’s relentless spirit of innovation and creativity in delivering high-quality products and services to customers every day.”

“In 2024, the Ministry of Information and Communications has outlined “Digital Data, Digital Governance, Development of Digital Technology Industries, and Digitization of Economic Sectors” as the four main priorities of the National Digital Transformation, providing momentum for economic development. Vietnam’s Digital Transformation Strategy towards 2030 aims for a digital foundation that is inclusive and comprehensive. The Sao Khue Awards always evolve, develop, and adapt to keep pace with the trends of the ICT industry in Vietnam and the overall national digital transformation process. The categories and fields for outstanding ICT products, platforms, services, and solutions participating in the Sao Khue Awards 2024 have shifted according to the pillars of development: Digital Government, Digital Economy, and Digital Society. 2024 also marks the 21st edition of the Sao Khue Awards, attracting over 300 nominations. Sao Khue has become the most prestigious award in the field of ICT, recognizing and honoring Vietnamese technology companies like TechPlus Solution that are tirelessly striving for strong development and growth.

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