On January 24, 2022, Cooperative Bank (NHHT) cooperated with TechPlus to continue piloting the service “Quick money transfer 24/7 at the counter”. This service is the most important function, implemented in the first phase of the E-banking digital banking platform project being built by TechPlus within the framework of the STEP project of Canada.

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The 24/7 Quick Money Transfer service will be through the customer’s payment account opened at NHHT, customers can use the Quick Money Transfer service to the card number/payment account number opened at NHHT, specifically :

  • Quick money transfer 24/7 via account: transfer money to the beneficiary via a payment account at another bank in the Napas alliance.
  • Quick money transfer 24/7 via card number: transfer money to beneficiaries via other bank card numbers in Napas alliance.
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Co-opBank implements a training program on Quick Money Transfer service 247 for its subsidiaries\

Up to now, 247 fast payment service has been deployed at nearly 700 transaction points of NHHT nationwide, with more than 120000 transactions in 6 months of official implementation and is expected to increase in the coming time.

After nearly 6 months of pilot implementation, fast money transfer service 247 has achieved positive results through the basic target of 24/7 fast money transfer sales as well as receiving positive feedback. from the Board of Directors of Co-opBank as well as of the participating units about the utility when using the service.

In addition, Co-opBank deploying this service also aims to implement the policy of enhancing technology application to continue supporting people’s credit funds in the digital transformation process. Fast money transfer application 24/7 at the counter of Co-opBank is considered very safe and effective when the PCF can check the exact match of the beneficiary’s name, account number and bank. In addition, the difference that the Bank wants to support People’s Credit Funds (PCF) from the very beginning in the process of digital banking transformation, applying technology to money transfer, is that PCFs participating in the payment system of the credit banks can use the products overdraft service on payment account to make quick money transfer 24/7 at the counter for the PCF itself and its customers.

The eBanking project aims at sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in Vietnam, strongly promoting non-cash payments to customers in remote areas, and at the same time improving product and service quality. payment service to customers. This is also the core value that TechPlus always aims at in its development process, so TechPlus is honored to continue to be selected by Co-opBank to cooperate in this important project.

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The signing ceremony of the eBanking project between TechPlus and Co-opBank at Co-opBank’s head office

This will also be a source of motivation for TechPlus to continue its efforts and provide the most effective and innovative products and services for other functions and services in the eBanking project in the future.

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