On the morning of 7th June 2019, TYM solemnly held a launching ceremony of the project “Investment in building corebanking software systems for TYM” in Hanoi.

Attending the ceremony were leaders and key staff of TYM and the contractor and project team of both sides.

Speaking at the project kick-off, Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – TYM General Director emphasized: TYM is the first microfinance institution in Vietnam to build a core banking software system.

Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Linh – TYM General Director speaking at the project kick-off ceremony.

This is a big project of TYM with the desire to make TYM’s activities more and more efficient and professional.

TYM’s leaders will create all the most favorable conditions for the project to be implemented smoothly and effectively.

In order to successfully implement the project, it is suggested that TYM’s project staff and the Contractor should make efforts, stick to the plan, objectives, and have a reasonable working method in the process of coordinating project implementation.

During the kick-off ceremony of this project, the contractor’s representative presented the project implementation progress and some important issues related to the project, showing their determination to complete the project on schedule and have quality.

The contractor’s representative presented the progress of project implementation.

Immediately after the kick-off ceremony, TYM and the contractor will embark on the next steps to ensure the progress of the project.

Some information about the project “Investing in building Corebanking software system for TYM”
Project winner: Joint Venture Contractors TechPlus-NTQ Solution
Project implementation objectives:
• Applying new technology, centralized data management;
• Meet all operations;
• Meet the requirements of governance and compliance;
• Meeting long-term development strategy;
• Ready, stable, safe, and highly secure system.
Project implementation time: 15 months.

Some pictures of the commemoration of the project kick-off ceremony:

TYM leaders and contractors of the project.
Delegates were present at the project kick-off ceremony.
The MIS team – TYM’s specialized staff in this project.

Source: tymfund.org.vn

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