Lean Alias System for Account – LALIAS

I. Introduction
An Alias account is the unique transaction name of each customer, used instead of the payment account number to conduct money transfer/receipt transactions. With the Alias account setting service, customers can freely express their creativity, differentiate themselves by naming their accounts according to personal names, nicknames, feng shui, phone numbers, shop names, brand names, etc.

The Alias account setting service helps customers conveniently conduct payment transactions through the Alias itself, contributing to helping stores, businesses increase revenue from payments by account name, affirming their uniqueness, and creating a brand imprint for their stores. Buyers can also be completely assured when transferring money because they are confirmed by the exact account name of the store they are transacting with. This enhances the customer experience, helps the bank improve service quality, and attracts more new customers to join.

II. Key Features of the System
– Flexible account setup
– Flexible fee setting
– Automatic fee calculation
– Easy to remember, easy to transact
– Open development platform
– Flexible reporting system

III. Main Functions of the System
– System parameters, configuration: Manage Alias account types; Manage fees
– Manage Alias accounts: Register Alias; Change Alias; Fee collection; Alias list
– Transactions with Alias accounts: Deposit – savings transactions; Overdraft transactions; Guarantee transactions; Accounting transactions; Credit transactions; Electronic money transfer transactions
– Inquiry: Account inquiry; Transaction statement printing
– Reporting system: Deposit – savings report; Personal overdraft report; Organizational overdraft report; SMS report; Alias report

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