eTax Connection Solution – TAXPLUS

I. Introduction

Electronic tax filing is a modern and convenient means for individuals and businesses to fulfill their tax obligations easily through computer systems and the internet.

Electronic tax filing is becoming a popular trend in the current digital age, providing convenience and flexibility for individuals and businesses in fulfilling tax obligations. By utilizing electronic tax filing services, individuals and businesses can flexibly fulfill tax obligations from anywhere with an internet connection. This not only reduces the time spent traveling to tax offices but also reduces the risk of information loss and enhances accuracy in the tax filing process.

Banks play a crucial intermediary role in supporting taxpayers in tax filing. When using the electronic tax system, taxpayers will submit payments through commercial banks, bringing many benefits to the banks, such as:

Reducing workload and saving manpower and time compared to direct submissions.
Limiting errors in taxpayer information and incorrect submission documents needing verification.
Attracting more potential customers to use the bank’s services.
Therefore, to optimize the electronic tax filing process and bring benefits to both banks and customers, integrating electronic tax filing services into the banking system is an intelligent and advanced solution. Through this, banks can provide their customers with a convenient and secure experience when conducting online tax transactions.

II. Main Functions of the System

  1. Electronic tax filing registration
    – Registering authorization for debit from bank accounts
    – Transaction list of authorization for debit from bank accounts
    – Cancelling authorization for debit from bank accounts
  2. Electronic tax submission
    – Electronic tax submission via E-Banking
    – Transaction list of electronic tax submission via E-Banking
    – Tax submission transaction reversal
  3. Document management
  4. Verification
    – Creating verification requests
    – List of verification requests
  5. Reconciliation
    – Export reconciliation files at the bank
    – Reconciliation
    – Creating & exporting discrepancy files to Tax Collection Department
  6. System Administration
    – Managing tax office directory
    – Managing administrative area directory
    – Managing State Treasury directory
    – Managing chapter directory
    – Managing item directory
    – Managing sub-item directory
    – Managing map table of banks with accounts at State Treasury
    – Managing list of banks with accounts at State Treasury
    – Managing electronic tax filing transaction limits
    – Managing electronic tax filing
    – Managing taxpayer types
  7. Reporting System
  8. Integration of related systems with the Tax Collection Department system
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