Digital Core banking FINC

The Digital Core banking FINC is a modern digital core banking solution that can be implemented on-premises or on a cloud computing platform, enabling banks and financial institutions to build and deliver specialized financial services on a large scale. This solution is evidence of TechPlus’s relentless spirit of innovation to provide valuable products and high-quality services to customers.

  1. For Funds and Fund Systems:

Modernize daily operational tasks, enhancing labor productivity.
Automated and accurate calculation processes.
Automated, accurate, simple, and real-time reporting and statistics.
Minimize errors during execution and data reconciliation.
Ready for the development and implementation of advanced and modern features and components, keeping up with technology trends.

2. For State Management Agencies:

Promote the use of information technology in state management agencies towards building an e-Government.
Improve the capacity of state management and the quality of service provision: Project implementation also contributes to improving the level, skills, and changing methods and habits of work from manual, isolated methods to modern electronic and collaborative methods. As a result, the thinking and working methods of officials, civil servants, and members are elevated, contributing to enhancing the capacity of state management.
Minimize redundancy in document requirements, information, and data, increasing the reliability and accuracy of information: Project implementation helps minimize redundancy in document requirements, information, and data, increasing the reliability and accuracy of information. Thus, it helps related state management agencies better control and reduce redundant document requirements.
Prevent risks affecting the ethics of officials directly involved in disbursement and debt collection tasks. State management agencies will have more information and faster response times to ensure timely and accurate state management of funds.
Contribute to the national digital transformation revolution, as well as work related to digital finance, comprehensive finance of the Government.

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